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Power Vinyasa Yoga


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Power Vinyasa Yoga


Power Vinyasa Yoga


Power Vinyasa Yoga


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Power Vinyasa Yoga

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Power Vinyasa Yoga

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Located in the heart of Aventura, FL. ARA Yoga Shala offers a semi-private approach, enabling a more personalized instruction using proper techniques and alignment. It is our mission to honor and embrace each student’s search for personal growth, well-being, and fulfillment by offering high quality yoga classes, workshops and trainings to people of all ages, all styles and philosophies.

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Multi level yoga classes. The studio offers mainly Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa and Ashtanga Vinyasa. Our semi-private approach enables a more personalized instruction for proper technique and alignment. Classes are warm. No A/C. Classes are challenging but adapt to all levels. Level 1 classes and beginners workshops available as well. Power Vinyasa has been our preferred yoga style, which allows the yogi to work on the body through an intense moving meditation. Our monthly workshops vary from style, levels and teachers. They are designed to expand your knowledge on the yogi path."

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Handstand Workshop

This workshop is for anyone wanting to achieve their first handstand or advance their inversion practice.
Whether you’re a moderate or advanced practitioner, this workshop is designed to ensure a safe journey into your handstand practice.

Beginners Yoga Workshop I

If you are waiting for a sign this is it! This is a workshop for all of you who want to start practicing yoga and learn the basics. We will cover breath, alignment and flow. We will go over the basic sequences of the Vinyasa style. You will learn how the mind, body and breath can work together in unison to build a lasting practice. We will focus on the process of strengthening the body to eventually strengthen and focus the mind, so you get into the ultimate goal, a moving meditation. You will be introduced to the different props often used in the classroom, you’ll be shown their common uses.

Full Day with David Kyle!

ROCKET II 10am - 12pm ----------- The Rocket II sequence offers a modification of the secondary standing and seated series in classic Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The sequence is designed to quickly prepare the student to begin the seated series which introduces stimulating backbends and arm balances linked through unique vinyasa transitions. The aim of this practice is to build strength within the student’s body and encourage creativity. BRUNCH: 12pm to 1pm -------------------- Awakening creativity within your foundation LECTURE AND WORKSHOP 1pm - 4pm ---- As an experienced yogi and international teacher, David will share with us insights and perspective into living yoga on and “off the mat”. As he has expressed to his students, “whenever you are in a place of understanding and love you are in a place of yoga. Yoga is a tool to help us realize and manifest the best version of ourselves”. He will then move on to focus on standing postures and unique variations of these asanas to awaken creativity and playfulness within the student’s personal practice.

Hatha Hand Balance Master Class & Becoming Balance Inversion Workshop

HATHA HAND-BALANCE MASTER CLASS: Experience an uplifting fusion of modern functional movement and traditional hatha yoga. This 2-hour Master Class with international industry expert Daniel Rama is sure to test the capabilities of both body and mind. As a teacher of teachers, throughout the class Rama creates opportunities for self-exploration and encourages creative modification. Explore the limits of physicality and beyond! This session is appropriate for all levels. --------------------- BECOMING BALANCE INVERSION WORKSHOP: This 3-hour session is geared towards a fine-tuning of the foundational components needed for a range of inversions and hand balancing asana. Participants will find themselves effectively guided towards a greater understanding the mechanics of balance, proper alignment and activation as well as keys to successful practice. Whether you consider yourself beginner, intermediate or beyond, Rama specializes in making advanced aspects of the practice more accessible to all.

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